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Building the Life
you Deserve! 

Every day COUNTS!
Get inspired for your life and make the most of it!

Career Management 

Over the past 25 years, I have had the priviledge of holding the following position titles:  

  • NCAA Head Collegiate Coach

  • Assistant Professor, Health Physical Education

  • Personnel Director 

  • Director of Human Resources

  • Founder and Publisher, Women'Sports Wire

  • Founder of WSS, a Sports Marketing Agency

  • Consultant

  • Event Marketer

  • Founder of 2 Online Career Centers

  • Founder of WSS Executive Search

  • Career Strategist and Coach

  • Entrepreneur

  • Public Speaker

After several career transitions spanning multiple industries, I have learned A LOT!   In addition, I have had the unique opportunity to interview 1000's of senior leaders. Along with my team, we have placed 100's of executives over the years in diverse leadership roles in multiple industries.  Through this unique combination of experience I have seen first hand the most common mistakes people make in managing their careers. 

Yes, times have changed for sure, but some things still remain deeply important in managing a successful career.  Find out first hand what's most important in updating your resume, applying for a job, interviewing, salary negotiating, cultivating and building the right network, working with a recruiter or search firm, and / or making a career transition!

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Entrepreneurship & Financial Management

I started my first business with $300, a directory, and a 286 IBM computer.  Over the years, I launched a nationally recognized publication, a sports marketing agency, 2 online career centers and an executive search firm.   

We struggled to stay afloat many times over many years. We fought through significant challenges and overcame numerous obstacles.  We have received nationwide media attention for our work.  I've sat in the front row at numerous high profile sporting events, been interviewed dozens of times for print, radio and even national television. I have been hired by millionaires and even a billionaire!  Yes, I have gotten some things right, but I also made a lot of mistakes too!

Entrepreneurship is not for the weary!  There are many, many things I wished I had known and thought about before jumping in, but then again entrepreneurs are rare breeds and we are the kind that do just "jump in". 


What I know for sure:

  • Passion and interest will only get you so far.

  • Niche businesses can be a good, but also limiting.

  • Having a solid, dependable and experienced support system is more valuable than investment capital!

  • Cash flow leads the way and creating cash flow streams is a skill.

  • Choosing a business partner will be one of the most important and impactful decisions you make.

  • Everything takes longer and costs more than we think or plan for.

  • There is no lottery ticket to the top, no shortcut to business success. 

  • Learning to successfully manage your finances is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and those you love!

  • It really is the little things that matter!   

Creative Office
Career Mangement
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Life Coaching

What a big category and a big topic!  We are living in a very complex time today.  Technology, work, and the career landscape is changing at rapid speeds. Our health and wellness as a society has never been more at risk.  We are working to pay our bills and struggling to stay ahead of our financial obligations.  Divorce is common and many relationships are suffering or broken.  Parents are overwhelmed, underequipped and stressed while their children are in need of more support and more attention.  Addiction, loneliness and violence continue to escalate in our society.  Many of our leaders have lost their way in character values and morality.  Spiritual leaders are doing what they can in spite of the many, many challenges we are facing today, but they too are struggling for answers. 

This is what I know for sure:

It starts with us!  While we would all like to think, someone will save us, or we will get that big break or close on that one huge deal, or get that perfect job, or lose 25 pounds, or if I marry the right person I will be happy, or if I buy that car, or house, etc. etc. The truth is, as Napoleon Hill so eloquently said, "No One is Coming".  It's up to us to make the life we want!  It's up to us to dig deep, seek out the answers, get the support we need, and ultimately make the changes we want to live the life we deserve!  And.. you must believe you deserve it!


Does it seem like work?  Well doing our work is work, but isn't this what the journey is all about?  What is the alternative?  Staying stuck?  Feeling lost, unhappy or living without purpose or direction?

You can do this!  I know you can and I am here to help you! It starts with admitting how you feel, believing you deserve more, making a decision to change what is not working, and ultimately standing up for you!  Time is marching on my friends, today is the day for YOU!

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Health & Wellness 

When I was in middle school I was overweight.  What started out as not great eating habits, and probably some unconscious coping skills, turned into a weight problem.  I carried my unhealthy habits into high school.  While I was fairly active and played sports, I was 25-30 pounds overweight. I started to change my eating habits towards the end of high school and into college.  It took me about 8 years, with some starts and stops, before I really felt like I had changed my eating habits and lifestyle.  Once I reached that point,  I truly stopped worrying about that area of my life.  Over time, I had developed a practice of eating well and exercising regularly. 

As the years marched on, I found myself more and more challenged in both my emotional and physical health. I  learned the consequences of developing new bad habits, and not having strong and healthy coping skills or regular self-care routines.

I also learned the tremendous value in having enriching and supportive relationships along with a deep spiritual connection.  As with many of us as we grow through the years, I also learned the grave importance of grieving our losses and healing our emotional pain. 

What I know for sure is:

  • We all need a tribe, a stable and loving support system.

  • We all need positive, enriching relationships to feel truly connected.

  • We all deserve to feel good and to feel joy.

  • We must feel and heal our pain.

  • Daily spiritual food, whatever it is for you, is the medicine for peace within ourselves and joy.

  • Life can change on a dime!

  • It is important to DREAM, to see the glass full, to find our gratitude daily.

  • Being productive, feeling proud of what we do and accomplish is important to our self-worth and confidence. 

  • Doing the right thing or wrong thing will either build self-esteem or take it away.

  • Life is more complex and challenging than ever today.  Managing life "well" means living consciously,  maintaining strong health and fitness, doing meaningful work, achieving financial stability, developing deep relationships, participating as an active parent, cultivating a spiritual connection, and the list goes on!   In order to be successful and truly happy, we must be vigilant at mastering the basic categories of life --- and this is where we will finally settled into ourselves, achieve our goals and here the music of life!


Health Wellness
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